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The conversion manuals available for purchase here at CLASSIC AMERICAN CONVERSIONS are purely academic and for informational purposes only. Unless the proper licensing, approval and guidelines required by the Bureau of  Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives ( B.A.T.F.E. ) and/or other Federal and State regulations, the ownership, sale, possession, transfer, purchase or conversion of any firearms considered "fully automatic" or "machine guns" is prohibited by the National Firearms Act ( N.F.A. ) and is a Federal crime in the United States of America. Anyone desiring to possess, convert, buy, sell or transfer ANY fully automatic firearm/machine gun MUST fully comply with ALL Federal/State/County laws, statutes, regulations and rules.  The blueprints, plans, and schematics made available here are strictly for ACADEMIC AND/OR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! CLASSIC AMERICAN CONVERSIONS assumes NO responsibility/liability for ANY misuse of this information whatsoever and PURCHASERS  ASSUME  ALL RESPONSABILTY/LIABILITY for the use or misuse of this information  AND is willfully admitting that he/she is at least 21 years of age. To own this knowledge is NOT a crime. To illegally act on this information without following proper government licensing and regulations IS A FEDERAL OFFENSE WHICH WILL LEAD TO IMPRISONMENT IN A FEDERAL PENITENTIARY. Please act responsibly and help American Citizens UPHOLD  AND KEEP OUR SECOND AMMENDMENT RIGHTS. S1H LLC


Due to the digital content of this material, ALL Purchasers must have Adobe PDF reader or equivalent PDF format reader to view this content. The delivery of manual/s will be sent via email to the email address in the purchasers billing info. Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery to inbox and remember to check spam folders for manuals due to the size of these files. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, AND REFUNDS/RETURNS ARE NOT APPLICABLE. PRINT VERSIONS OF THESE MANUALS ARE NOT AVAILABLE FROM CLASSIC AMERICAN CONVERSIONS.  After delivery DO NOT forget to back up your manuals so that you only have to pay for them once. If manuals get accidentally erased or lost somehow YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE THEM AGAIN AT FULL PRICE. ALL EMAIL DELIVERIES WILL BE SENT FROM - CL . SALES . CO2 @ GMAIL . COM

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